penguinoftheway (penguinoftheway) wrote,

Yikes! Look what time it is!

I must've been sleeping for more than a week, because how else could I have not remembered to post anything for so long?

Plus, I don't really remember what day it is. (Yes, I know it's written for me right on this page.)

So anyway, rather than try to get you up to date on what has happened to me since I last posted (since you don't really care) I will just say this:

I didn't sleep on Sunday night. At all. So I was very sluggish the next day. Meanwhile, I need to clean the floors in my house. They are really filthy.

And now for something that sounds utterly ridiculous to many:
Christianity, and probably* all other major religions, are more well-reasoned and logical than the sum of Man's scientific research.
I shall surely elaborate on this some other time.

*I wouldn't know about the others, since I have not studied them religiously.
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Benny! I ask for greatness, and I get...THIS? I am utterly disgusted.

Kidding, kidding. <3 ya.

When you mean the "sum of Man's scientific research," do you mean only the stuff that makes sense, or are you including all the crap science stuff out there? Because I would agree with you if it were the latter.

However, I believe there is much scientific research and knowledge that is logical and reasonable.
I think you have a point -- it's probably because religious logic has to be really thought out to defend itself. I mean, you have to think about all the possible ways you could be attacked, so you can refute it. Otherwise it's not going to hold up (not that beliefs have to 'hold up' under any standardized inspection, but nevertheless...)
Oooh...religion vs. science.


This is totally like Angels and Demons! (not really, though)

Yeah, such a shocker! You usually post 5 times a day!