penguinoftheway (penguinoftheway) wrote,

iLleGAl imMIgrAtIOn

Recently, Brian posted his views on illegal immigration, and a million people said what they think should be done about the problem.

What I noticed, though, was that although Brian had initially identified the problem as being the continual influx of additional people, peoples' suggestions on how to fix the problem all dealt with how to deal with those who are already here. No one said anything about remedying the situations that cause the mass immigration. It just seemed to me like trying to fix the problem of frequent migranes with a daily dose of advil instead of a reduction of stress.

Giving Welfare to illegal immigrants, for example, will not make anything better; Although, in the short run, it will improve conditions for the people who live here, it will also encourage them to have more children whom they already don't have time to raise properly for success, and make immigration to America even more appealing. This will not fill the rut that our low-income neighbors are currently stuck in; rather, it will simply expand the rut by adding more people to it and making taxpayers less willing to continue supporting services for the extended group.

The only solution of which I can think requires that we fundamentally transform the nations from which the immigrants come. If they lived in better conditions, they definately wouldn't make the extreme effort to come to America. The only way to fix things at the source, then, is to become Neo-Conservatives and join the crusade to spread Freedom and Democracy throughout the entire world.
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