penguinoftheway (penguinoftheway) wrote,

I seriously had something I meant to say.

Since I can't remember what I really had to say, I'll just say:

Aren't shelled creatures incredible? Especially Hermit Crabs. How the hell does something like that evolve? Supposing that Hermit Crabs have the same ancestor as shelled crabs (which is generally supposed), when and how did they lose their own shells? Sure, it's great for them now that they don't have to waste a bazillion of their bodies' minerals on making shells, but how did they get to that point? Macro-mutations don't happen, and as long as they had their own shells to begin with, there would be no advantage to lugging around an extra shell stolen from some other deceased creature.

So what the heck?

Oh. The thing I meant to say at first was:
I just watched The Exorcist with Mariam. I was entirely unphased by it. I am alone in my house and don't feel the slightest tinge of fear. Then again, I usually don't. On the other hand, Mariam also appears to be unaffected. I expected a lot more from a movie so renowned for its scare-potential. The 6th Sense was scarier, for crying out loud. What a disappointment.
So why did my mother forbid my littlest sister from watching it? Maybe it was scarier back in 1973 when it was made. Now, it just seemed weird. It lacked a lot of the Scary movie tactics used nowadays, like an extreme lack of peripheral vision, sudden and frequent appearances of people from sides of the screen (accompanied by disonant chords), bizzare and sinister portrayal of everyday objects and regular pictures, and incomprehensible flashes of freaky scenes (it had a couple, but not nearly as many as more recent films). I guess I am just spoiled by the psychological expertise of modern moviemakers, so the old tingly creepy hits of 30 years ago don't compare to the startling thrillers of today.
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