penguinoftheway (penguinoftheway) wrote,

Whoa, I am like, really late.

I preached the sermon on Sunday. It was improvised, since I hadn't finished it after starting at 11:00 the night before. I cried silently for at least 10 minutes when I finished, and I am not sure exactly why. That's what was pressing that other day.

Mekko asked me recently "why don't you two just get married already." And since we had been talking about Mr. Jones previously, my answer was "because he'd have to get divorced first." Of course, Mekko was talking about Mariam because

Mariam is the greatest!

Speaking of Mekko, he's about to lose a lot of money (up to a dollar!) in Texas Hold 'em, 'cause the master's in da houze.

Poker is much more fun when there's money on the line, even if it is play money (nickels are play money)

Hitch hiker's Guide to the Galaxy sucked as a movie. I'm sure the book is 100 times better. If it hadn't been for the awesome context in which I watched the movie, I would have been unhappy after seeing it. The best seat in the house is helpful.

La la di da. So my group is probably going to fail oue French project because these silly folks didn't write down their phone numbers when I told them to, and they have parents who treat them like 1st graders. Oh well. I only need a C in the class, anyway.

Decathlon isn't looking to good. Looks like a mostly girl team, and those never work out. Not nearly enough competitiveness to go around. Not to mention the unproductive week during each month. Oh, well. I won't be quitting *this* team.

That's all from your future supreme dictator today.
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