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The World is Full of Bums

So I went to San Diego over the weekend to celebrate the birthday of Mariam's mother who is, incidentally, old enough to be the mother of my mother, and I had a lot of fun doing accounting work. It's really fun to put checks in order and then input all the numbers on them into a computer. Really. You should try it.

But it is fun to get paid. And to spend time lying lazily around watching movies with one's girlfriend.
So I enjoyed my trip very much, as I'd enjoy any trip with Mariam, so long as all involved remain in good health.

As an added bonus, when I got home, the electricians had finished, so the furniture was in its rightful place! Except that my bed was still completely buried in crap. So that took a while to clean up. And I still have to unpack. No matter. Here's the important part of this entry:

I was waiting at a corner of a street somewhere in East L.A., because my father was coming to get me but didn't know the way. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been waiting very long. Anyway, this guy comes over and asks me very quietly, as if he were divulging some dread secret, if I have a dollar to spare so he can get a soda, or even $2.25 so he can get some food. Feeling generous, I give him $5.00 and he tells me he'll help me look for my father's car (a totally useless thing to do, but I guess he had to feel like he'd earned his $5.00 somehow). So he keeps pointing to cars and asking "is that him?" which disrupts my reading, and I tell him "You don't have to help me -- I'll be okay. You go get something to eat." to which he replies "No, I wanna spot him!"
Several minutes later, he tires of this, and wanders a little way off. Still within eyesight, though. Then another man comes up to me and asks if I have fifty cents he could "borrow." I tell him, truthfully, that I gave my last 5 to the other guy, and explain that the man only asked for 2.50, so should be able to split it with him. The new man looked at me in disbelief and said "FIVE DOLLARS!?," and then I pointed him to the first beggar.
As I expected, the first guy refused to share with the second, claiming shamelessly that he had "already split it with that guy." pointing to a random other man. This is obviously a lie because:
A) The man had been trying to locate my father's car this whole time, and couldn't have split it, and
B) If he had had change enough to split the 5 into two equal parts, that would mean that he had had $2.50 the whole time, and never needed anything from me in the first place.

It made me think of the parable of the debtor. I was utterly disgusted, and refused to even listen to anything else that the first man said.

Here's the fun part: What would you have done in each man's position? Be honest!
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you gave him 5 DOLLARS? wow.. you are really generous. i would always say... "sorry". i know, i am mean.
here's the response to your question:
if i was the first beggar i wouldn't have shared the money... there isnt any good reason to.
if i was the second beggar i cant do anything about it... too bad.. oh so sad.
yeah... pretty much the same thing that happened.
I would have been like the first man.
I've done the same thing (giving away a five dollar bill), but at Eagle Rock. We're so generous!

But since you already knew Part B was true, how did you expect beggar #1 to split it? If I were beggar #1, I would've kept it, assuming I hadn't had much to eat/much change that had come my way in a while. Or...meh. I would've given #2 something, actually (as much change as I was carrying?).

I would do what my parents are advising me to do now (and what they say beggars should do): get a job.

Then again, that can be harder than begging in this world... statistics project idea! Which will earn more income: a minimum-wage job, or begging at a freeway exit?
if you got skeels, then the latter. rich beggas have to talk the talk AND walk the walk. =D

but the former is a more secure source of income.
if you got skeels, then the latter. rich beggas have to talk the talk AND walk the walk. =D

but the former is a more secure source of income. teehee.
Jeez, Ben! 5 whole dollars?!? Next time give it to me rather than a stranger! Why are you so generous with your money? Mariam too! Aww, you can be generous together!! (Towards me, of course *wink wink nudge nudge*)
Hahaha...well, if we're splitting the remaining Beta money--I hope no juniors read this! Meh, that's doubtful--I don't even have to be "generous," per se, or a good person at all!

By the way, is this Mr. Speedman you mentioned the guy on Felicity? I don't know why I'm asking you this here, 'cause you're probably not gonna read it anyway. I also addressed you in Toni's LJ. Maybe I'll go to yours now...
I doubt that we'll even have any extra money after banquet!

Yes, Scott Speedman is the man on Felicity. And I do see these comments because if someone replies to a comment of mine or something, I get an e-mail that tells me.