penguinoftheway (penguinoftheway) wrote,

Yikes! Look what time it is!

I must've been sleeping for more than a week, because how else could I have not remembered to post anything for so long?

Plus, I don't really remember what day it is. (Yes, I know it's written for me right on this page.)

So anyway, rather than try to get you up to date on what has happened to me since I last posted (since you don't really care) I will just say this:

I didn't sleep on Sunday night. At all. So I was very sluggish the next day. Meanwhile, I need to clean the floors in my house. They are really filthy.

And now for something that sounds utterly ridiculous to many:
Christianity, and probably* all other major religions, are more well-reasoned and logical than the sum of Man's scientific research.
I shall surely elaborate on this some other time.

*I wouldn't know about the others, since I have not studied them religiously.
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