penguinoftheway (penguinoftheway) wrote,

It's too hot these days

How come we don't spell "days" as "dais?" English must be a bitch to learn as a second.

Meanwhile, getting a job as a 17-year-old is as hard as staying cool outside. I put in applications at about 10 places, and not a single one has called back. Well, I am not expecting to have a job this summer, now, because I will be leaving for Berkeley soon, anyway.

In lieu of being hired, however, I have another option: there's a lot of old junk metal for me to cut into isolated bits (seperate all the different kinds of metal from eachother), and it's fun! The pay isn't too great, since recycling places are cheap-os, and my supply of work is highly limited, but at least I get to have fun hammering and cutting metal.

On the other hand, when I run out of work to do, I will still have plenty of video games to play and books to read (and scholarships to apply for), so it'll be alright. Not to mention Mariam to spend time with.

Uh-oh. I just killed a mosquitoe. That means they can get into the house now. ALright, that's all for me for now. I'll try to think up something more philosophical next time so that there's actually a bit of interestingness for you to think about, instead of pointless dribble like this one.

We're not in highschool anymore! Isn't it crazy?
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